-Get to know the place & people
-Study the hacks
-Email everyone in community resources
-Contact Mrs. Baeta in the School office and introduce yourself as the new fellow and let her know that you need a room for SLI
-Contact Christine Luzzi in Guidance to set up a schedule for office hours
-Start making a list of ice breakers/energizers and workshop topics
-Look at the school calendar and pick an early Thursday to schedule ropes course and make sure you set up transportation with Robin a month a before
-Reach out to guidance to work on bringing the mentoring program to life

-Once you determine the dates/place of SLI create flyers for recruitment, create a message for knightline and send it to Mrs.Baeta and ask her if you can table at lunch
-Email old members and ask them if they want to table with you (contact me and I'll mention it in the group chat)
-Table at lunch with flyers, sign up sheet (Name, grade, email), a poster, and u-knighted stickers and pens
-Have first meeting
* Activity that I should have done: Hand out manilla folders and have everyone design their own. This will be their folder where you will use to track their progress in community service and college access. Have them fill out a survey that asks about their hobbies, colleges they're interested in, ect. and tape inside the folder. Create a general office hour form that says the name of student, how long you spent with them, and what you discussed so you could slip it inside their folders when you get back to the office. It'll be super useful when you fill out your monthly reports. 


-Start generating a general map of the year. 
-Use this time to really get to know the kids. Determine who the officers are and if they want to have elections. Roles are (Community service, Social media, Workshop, Fundraising) but we had trouble getting people to do their jobs
-Ask Melissa and start researching about Christmas in the City and talking to Karen about getting a bus driver for it because it's on the weekends and they would have to pay someone extra to come in and drive you.
-Maybe halloween party or haunted hallways with the kids? Get their input in things so you won't be the only one planning these things

-Develop a fundraiser, they are going to want to sell edible things. Make sure you hold them accountable for their roles. 
-Start developing a workshop for the YMCA Youth Conference. 

-Catch up on curriculum
-Work on fundraising
-Work on mentoring program
-Secret santa? 

-Confirm a bus to YMCA Youth Conference with Robin. It's at Bridgewater State. 
-Make sure the kids practice it and know their roles. Some kids will want to attend other workshops so prepare for kids to switch shifts. You will do your workshop 3 times. 
-Help students with FAFSA or college, juniors should start thinking about colleges!! 
-MLK day: You will be assigned a place to serve on this day at someone else's host site. 


-Start planning Unity project, reach out to the board of selectman to be put on the agenda in order for you to ask for a permit (make the kids do the proposal so they can get used to public speaking)
-Reach out to Forrest Lindwall and Terry Schneider for support, promotion, and resources
-YMCA Youth Conference!!
-Start gathering information about colleges students would want to tour

-Prepare focus group
-Contact Father Bills (Homeless shelter) to see if they need volunteers to serve food

-April Vacation College tours!! 
-Plan for Walk for Hunger- the first sunday of May. 

-Plan your life for next year, decide if you want to do a second year or start looking for jobs now
-Unity project? 
-Start legacy project

-Have end of the year celebration
-Have last meeting
-Go to graduation
-Orientate new fellow if there is one

-Wrap things up