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Stephanie Patton

Steph is your supervisor and also runs OASIS. She knows everyone in the community. If you have trouble reaching anyone, often times she'll know how to connect you to them. She's a very busy woman but she'll help you as long as you reach out and let her know what you need help with. OASIS meetings usually falls on dates that are most convenient with SLI which stinks but if you could work out how to schedule around that, it would be awesome. She also runs Stoughton Conversations which is an awesome way to network but also an awesome way to address any community issues. 

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Karen Macdonald 

Karen is the director of both the SYC and the COA. She knows everybody in town if you ever need to connect or if someone in town is ignoring you. Karen has the power. 

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Melissa Dawson

She'll keep you laughing all day. She used to run the Youth Advisory Board so she knows a lot about working with teens. She's so intelligent with life and teens, go to her for advice. She also used to coordinate big community service trips so ask her how to go about that such as Christmas in the City. 


Teresa Tapper

Teresa runs the garden outside. If you're interested, ask for a plot next spring! She is a clinician and takes clients. She is apart of many committees in town and can help you connect. 


Rebecca "Becky" McCabe

That's my girl! She orders supplies or can help you locate them in the office. She's in charge of the money so if you need a few bucks to buy a snack or something, she can help you figure it out. She's good to confide in and very smart. She also has her BSW from Bridgewater State. Be nice to her. 


Jessica Kuhn 

She's going to be your shoulder mate/desk mate/office mate. She's super nice and did Americorps at one point in her life. 


Carolyn Lee

This is my work mom. If you need to use any room in this building, ask Carolyn as she schedules the events in each room. She's a nice lady. She has great advice. 


Robin Cardoza 

Robin is in charge of transportation. If you need to take the kids anywhere, ask Robin to book a van for you but ask in advance. She has a small chihuahua named Pia. 


Jessica Fraine 

Jess is very artistic. She works out front for the COA. I never needed anything from her but she's very nice. 

*Not pictured:

-Linda Rodrigues - Gambling Portuguese queen. She always has wonderful stories.

-Amy Russell - Works for the COA. She's funny and she has cute goats. 

-John the custodian - Nice guy who has a sarcastic sense of humor. He can help you with any hardware related trouble. i.e. Unity Project.