The kids

You're going to meet lots of different personalities and they're going to watch you, judge you, and study your every move. But all you have to do is be encouraging and hold them accountable to their commitments. 


You're going to have to do lots of recruitment because the majority of my group this year were seniors. You'll probably have 4-6 returning students but they are now seniors and seniors are going to be really busy and not make it to some meetings. Try to target freshmen. You can do this by tabling multiple times in September during lunches - bring stickers and pens and make flyers. Draft an ad for knightline and submit it to the office. Generate flyers that will go around the school- bring it to the office to get it approved and bring good tape so you can stick it to the walls. Text the old members and have them come and recruit too. 

Office Hours

Always remind kids when the offices hours are - preferable the days of. Office hours are for anything, they usually like venting about school and life. But make sure you ask them about college. Take notes of what you talk about and who you meet. They like to come in groups so details may be loss. Take notes of what colleges they are interested in or where they applied to. 

YMCA Youth Conference

Be sure to email Shantelle about being a part of the YMCA Youth Conference this year. The kids love leading workshops but even if they don't, they still like attending other people's workshops. Ask them what they would rather do. Be prepared to run the workshops because the kids might decide they want to attend other people's workshops while they're expected to run theirs too. From last year, our reviews said we did too many games. We did all team building and leadership games. I think some guests where expecting a powerpoint portion or a worksheet take away. But it's all up to you. 


The kids love fundraising just to create a fundraiser. They don't really care about how much money and for what. They just wanna make treats and sell them even though we are not really supposed to sell treats. We tried selling focus packs but they kids didn't really care for it so they didn't really sell it and it was a flop. Make sure you make the fundraising chair do everything from holding people accountable to getting supplies. If you don't have kids take charge then you will literally do everything and you don't have time for that. For the Unity Project, they came up with the idea of chocolate covered Oreos. 

Unity Project

The Unity Project was an idea taken from The community reacted well to it so if you are interested, we have all the supplies. You just have to make a new worksheet and signs and laminate them. If you are planning on doing this, have the kids take on the project planning. Contact the DPW and ask for their collaboration. Contact Forrest Lindwall for support. Find a date to do this. Contact the board of selectmen and apply for a permit. You'll be put on the agenda to speak in front of them. Have the kids prepare a speech and make them do it. All of the supplies are in the shed. 

Mentoring Program

The mentoring program will be in it's pilot year if you choose. Partner up with the SYC interns because you'll need the support staff. Read the packet (in the drive) to be more familiar with the program and reach out to me if you need help launching it. Reach out to the middle school and the high school to let them know that you'll be launching it soon, they are already familiar and in support of the program. 

Snack Bag

The snacks are up to you. SYC does not provide funding for snacks only for special events you might have. I have saved some money from the fundraiser for you for snacks for the first few meetings. There will be one student with Lupus disease. Her name is Ashley and she cannot have gluten. Great gluten free snacks are some Luna bars, some Kind Bars, potato chips, rice crispy treats, Cheerios, fruit snacks (they love), fruit, and gluten free labeled things. She is super appreciative when she is accommodated to but she would never expect to be. I would usually look for sales where I can get bulk of things and gradually fill in the bag. Never fill it all at once unless you wanna run out of things quick. I always made it clear that it is a privilege and it was coming out of my money. Most of the time they don't care and rarely say thank you. I had to remove the snack bag for a month because I once got expensive gluten free Oreos for everyone and they complained about the way it tasted. So they begged to go to my car and grab the fruit snacks. I watched 2 students go to my car, down as many fruit snacks as possible, pocket as much as they can and walk back laughing. So really, snack bag is up to you.