Shooting fashion

My wonderful fashion designer friend asked me to photograph some of her and her friend's pieces for their catalog. Of course I agreed to because she's my good friend, she's also talented, but most importantly, I wanted to collaborate.  They briefly told me the ideas behind their work and gave me lots of creative freedom. I do not shoot for fashion often so this was a great exercise to get my mind away from my senior thesis and to challenge myself. There were many challenges such as having 1 location for 2 different designers and 6 looks. But with tweaking and trials, we made it work. Another challenge was in post where I had to clean up anything in the background and make the photo look flawless. Overall I was excited about the outcome and the designers were pleased. Not sure if I could handle that industry but I wouldn't knock down any opportunities. 

I would love to show some examples of the work but I don't want to spoil the outcome of their catalog. Instead here is a screenshot of the editing I had to do. 

Designer: Kathryn Higham @K_highamdesign
Model: Patricia @Patriciamadeleine