"Maybe you should try video..."

Thank you to David Hilliard, Matthew Connors, Irina Rozovsky, and Laura McPhee for a wonderful and encouraging final semester review. 

I am not going to go into detail of what was said during my review but I will say I came in with writer's block towards my project and it was probably written all over my sweaty face. 

But they were like 'Nope, this is just the beginning so do this and that'. 

And I was like '...you geniuses'. 

I found that in the past my reviews may have seem less useful as this semester's because they were either overshadowed by positive or negative comments. This semester was full of ideas to actually attempt and questions to ponder. 

One suggestion was to try video. Thank you to freshman studio foundation year, I was forced to take a video editing class that still does not make any sense to me. I get the record and edit part but the class was themed... and every class was too abstract for me. So I did whatever I wanted and I wanted to make a horror interactive film with no purpose. I did this with only  about 2 weeks to film and edit which was not enough for my amateur mind. So I forced my then boyfriend to be apart of this film and to deal with my odd impulses to only film at 2am where I am in a exhausted and anxious state of mind. Afterwards I also forced him to spend hours on Freesounds.org to find oddly specific sounds that I imagined for specific scenes.

The video came out great for my first video made under pressure. Although there was parts of it that bothers me such as the camera shake and the lighting ect.... but let's move on. That experience was not too hot because my memories of lack of sleep, delusion, the constant question of what was I doing, and this prayers of an extended deadline. I fear video would take me back to this place. 

Well, let's see... 


Here's the video btw: